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I really, genuinely feel awful for all of the old Doctors now. 

And the way Moffat explained it was soooo condescending:

“They’re all brilliant, they’re all terrific, but time has passed. I think it would be beyond the dignity of all those very fine actors to want to force themselves back into a costume from 20 or 30 years ago.” (SFX Magazine)

I saw Peter Davison speak yesterday at Hal Con, and his take on the issue was much the same. He said that he feels the 50th is celebrating the 50th Anniversary itself rather than 50 years of the program. He said that Moffat had basically penned something that celebrates his own work rather than something than something that celebrates the show as a whole. Peter Davison said that he felt let down to be part of a group excluded from the anniversary despite his role in its history, which is really very sad. 

He said that Moffat had basically penned something that celebrates his own work rather than something than something that celebrates the show as a whole.

I know I’ve reblogged this before, but the added Davidson quote just makes me terribly sad. I got into who properly in the Eccleston years, but I’ve always been aware of it. It’s a huge part of the TV culture of the UK and the wider sci fi community. People who have no interest in the show now remember hiding behind the sofa when they saw the Daleks. And some people have been watching the show since the beginning and still love it now. The fiftieth should not be about one man and his ego. It should be about the fans, all the doctors, all the companions and all the stories that have been loved and lived. And we’re not going to get that.

Can people see now that’s it’s not just some people on tumblr who are upset about this? It’s the actual actors from the show you all claim to love, being shunted aside for Moffat’s wank fest.

It’s such a tragedy that this show, which is at its core about inclusion and acceptance and understanding, is being represented on its 50th anniversary by an episode that fundamentally fails to embrace those values.

Rassilon forbid we have a Doctor in this episode who has aged, or is “wee and dumpy”, or any number of things that don’t fit in with the current tv showrunner’s preferred aesthetics and need to stroke his own ego.

It’s really upsetting that Moffat doesn’t care about the fans or the core of the show anymore. I read his interview in the New Yorker, and he basically said that he thought the fanbase was a given thing and that he cared “more about people who have never heard of Doctor Who”. So of course he’s not going to care about the fans who might want the old doctors in the 50th. He’s just tying to get people to worship “his” show, so he’ll draw in “the casual viewer” and pump the ratings- then get all the credit. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that the fanbase is actually important, even if he doesn’t give a crap about us.

He calls himself a fan of Doctor Who, but, at this point, his ego is more important than respecting the show. He’s going to run the show into the ground, and none of us will care at that point because he’ll have ruined everything we love about it.


Okay so imagine you ask somebody to tell you a riddle. 

They turn to you and they say “the south pole.”

You say “what?”

They just repeat “the south pole!”

So you press them for some sort of explanation. They urge you to figure it out on your own, they say it’ll be better that way. They give you an hour to figure it out.

So you set to trying to figure it out, but every five minutes, they say something like “you still haven’t gotten it? It’s going to be great when you do!” or “but what do I mean by that?” or “don’t forget: the south pole!”

And then, the hour’s up, and you still have no idea what they mean. 

"Okay, are you ready for this?" They ask you. You say yes, and they say:

"Where can I build a house with four walls, all facing north?"

And of course, you reply “the south pole.”

Now, I imagine you’re pretty unsatisfied. You feel like, if you had been given the riddle to begin with, you would have had a lot of fun trying to figure it out

But instead, you were given the answer at the beginning, and it just feels like your friend just spent a full hour enjoying watching you squirm while you tried to figure out what the riddle was

And that’s the problem I have with how Steven Moffat constructs his seasons of Doctor Who


“First fag of the day always hits the spot.”


“First fag of the day always hits the spot.”






So, while watching Series 3, I’ve finally figured out what has bugged me so much about Moffat’s series and the way he approaches big reveals and whatnot particularly as compared to Davies.

Spoilers to follow, some pretty big ones, if you aren’t caught up on your 11th Doctor, so beware.

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crying because Moffat will never make season 2 of Jekyll.

Claire: Husband, I have questions.
Hyde: I’m not your husband.
Claire: What? Because you’ve changed? I don’t know what you are, I don’t know if you’re schizoid or a werewolf or the first man to discover PMT. But honey, yes, you are my husband, so… [slaps him] What the hell do you mean you haven’t fucked anything in days?
Hyde: [laughs] You’re not serious.
Claire: Look at my face.
Hyde: I’m not your husband!
Claire: You’re Tom Jackman.
Hyde: No. We just share a dick.
Claire: Yeah. And it’s mine.

Jekyll, episode 103.

full Jekyll quote


Tom’s mother: People think that Hyde is Rage. Or Hate. Or Greed. Or Lust. But Hyde is far worse.

Claire Jackman: Then what is he?

Tom’s mother: [beat] What was the first day you knew you could kill someone, anyone at all, if you had to?

Claire Jackman: The day I first held my children.

Tom’s mother: It’s our oldest, deadliest impulse, the need to protect our own at the expense of any other living thing. And we give that impulse such a nice name, don’t we? Hyde… is Love - and Love is a psychopath.


“How can you be two people?”

Jekyll (2007) - Episode One